Benjamin J. Williams
Senior Minister
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About Ben

Member of Central Since: Fall of 2019
Favorite Book (other than Bible): The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis
Favorite TV Show: The West Wing
Favorite Movie: Nolan's Batman Trilogy
Favorite Restaurant: I'm still looking for it, but it will probably serve General Tso's Chicken.
If you didn’t need a job, were healthy, and had plenty of time, what would you do?
This. I'm one of those rare people who get to do what they love most of the time.

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More About Ben

After graduating with a degree in Astrophysics from the University of Oklahoma, Ben went on to get a Masters of Divinity from Oklahoma Christian University, and he is currently pursuing a Ph.D in Philosophy and Apologetics at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the editor and an author of Why We Stayed: Honesty and Hope in the Churches of Christ (2018).
Ben is married to his heart's love, Selene (McKnight), and they have two sons, Lucas and Calvin.
In addition to his Christian faith, Ben is a fierce believer in Aristotelian philosophy, human kindness, and the supreme goodness of carefully brewed coffee.

Blake Earnhart
Youth Minister
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About Blake

Member of Central Since: 2007
Favorite Book (other than Bible): The Lord of The Rings (It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your front door...)
Favorite TV Show: Parks and Recreation (New band name, called it!)
Favorite Movie: Nacho Libre (Give me a piece of that corn!)
Favorite Restaurant: Rubio's in Santa Monica, CA.
If you didn’t need a job, were healthy, and had plenty of time, what would you do?Build a recording studio onto my house and make FIRE beats all day long! Whoa, wait a minute...Dr. Dre heard my beats? He wants me to start producing for him? I'm in!

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More About Blake

I have had the great fortune of serving as the Youth Minister at Central for 12 years now. Central has welcomed us into their family and we are extremely grateful to be here!

Outside of Youth Ministry related things, I am on a team of worship leaders that lead on Sunday mornings, very involved in our upstart Men's ministry and also have a significant role in planning our monthly Restore Worship services. Most things technically related in and around the church seem to find their way into my inbox! We set up a lot of tables and chairs...HA! I have also recently taken over the Director duties at Camp J.A.M., a week that our church started at Pettijohn Springs Christian Camp nearly 25 years ago.
I graduated from Abilene Christian University in 2007 with a Bachelor's in Youth and Family Ministry. Our Youth Group has been on several mission trips including our Tegucigalpa, Honduras trip, Colorado Mountain Discipleship Week, and our summer camps.
My beautiful wife Karla and I have been married for 12 years now. We have 3 amazing children, Emerson (7), Addi (5) and Jack (1). They fill our hearts and our ears with lots of joyful noises, smiles, diapers, tears and laughter!

Felicia Whitworth
Children's Minister
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About Felicia

Member of Central Since: I was born in Ada and went to Central until I left for college. I was gone for ten years before I moved back in 1993
Favorite Book (other than Bible): The Giving Tree
Favorite TV Show: Downton Abby and Poldark
Favorite Movie: Muppets Christmas Carol
Favorite Restaurant: Ted's
If you didn’t need a job, were healthy, and had plenty of time, what would you do?Sleep more, garden, quilt, paint, read more, and travel.

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More About Felicia

I was born and raised in Ada. I left for college, got married and was gone for about 10 years before moving back home. I met my husband, Barry Whitworth, at Oklahoma Christian College. He graduated from OC and went on to Oklahoma State University to study veterinary medicine. I followed him and graduated from OSU. We have been blessed with three children. Lauren is my oldest. She has a master’s degree in education and is an English teacher at Southeast in OKC. Madison has a master’s degree in dietetics and just passed her boards to become a registered dietitian. She is job hunting. My son, Walker, just graduated from East Central University with a math major. We also have a bonus child. Cheyene Howell has lived with our family for six years and is a senior at Ada High School. We got to know Cheyene from church. She rode the bus. I have worked as Central’s fulltime children’s minister for 18 years. Our mission is to build relationships and to teach kids to love God and love people. Never in my wildest dreams did I think children’s ministry is what I would be doing, but I love it! When I look back, I see God’s hand all over it. In my spare time I like to garden, paint, take pictures, and read. I don’t have much spare time though. Barry and I live on a farm and raise sheep, cows and chickens. We also have 5 dogs, 8 cats, a donkey and most recently added a peacock that we named Kevin.

Naomi Jorgensen
Administrative Assistant

Member of Central Since: 1998
Favorite Book (other than Bible): Anything knitting or quilting related
Favorite TV Show: The Great British Baking Show
Favorite Movie: 101 Dalmations 1996 version
Favorite Restaurant: La Fiesta in Ada
If you didn’t need a job, were healthy, and had plenty of time, what would you do? Explore the United States with my husband and knit/quilt

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Selene Williams
Benevolence Minister
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About Selene

Member of Central Since: Fall of 2019
Favorite Book (other than Bible): Anything by John Grisham
Favorite TV Show: Friends
Favorite Movie: Christmas with the Kranks
Favorite Restaurant: Any Mexican place
If you didn’t need a job, were healthy, and had plenty of time, what would you do? What I'm doing and more travel

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More About Selene

I have worked in the medical and dental fields, but my favorite jobs have been being a mom and helping people through the church. Central has blessed me with this opportunity to get involved as the volunteer Benevolence Minister. Now I can do something I'm passionate about every day and help to change lives in our community. I'm so grateful for this opportunity!

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