Our Church of Christ Heritage

Who are we? What is our story?

The Central Church of Christ is a family of Christians. Historically, we are rooted in the American Restoration Movement and spiritual heirs of the great revival of Cane Ridge (1801). At Cane Ridge, ministers from Presbyterian, Methodist, and Baptist churches came together to share in the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They realized as they did so that there was more that bound them together than anything that divided them. A unity movement began that day that left all other names and creeds behind in favor of being merely Christian.

The story of that movement has had many twists and turns through the years, but the simple plea remains. Believers in Christ should be united in the work of the gospel. The Central Church of Christ remains committed to this message and mission today.

“Welcome to Central”

A sermon about our vision rooted in the teachings of Jesus and our Restoration Movement Heritage


“Our Heritage”

More sermons about the three pillars of our Restoration Heritage