*** Update: Worship Services are canceled Mar. 22 - Apr 5. Please join the live stream! ***

Central Church Members,

In light of wide-spread concerns about the Corona Virus and spreading it though personal contact, the elders have consulted with some of Central's medical experts and are asking you to support the following temporary changes beginning Sunday, March 15 that will remain in place until the risks associated with this virus have been mitigated. Other changes may be necessary as new information becomes available. We will continue to monitor the situation and update you as needed.

1. If you are in the at-risk population for this virus (over 65, suffering from any immune system or respiratory issues) please stay at home and limit your contact with others. Also, if you are in close contact with someone in the at-risk group or if you or anyone in your family is feeling ill, please stay at home as well. This is to protect them as well as to protect you.

2. If you are remaining at home, we encourage you to access the live stream feed of our service on our Central Church of Christ Facebook page or at our website www.adacentralfamily.net where you will find a link to our Facebook or YouTube.

3. For those of you that find yourselves confined at home due to virus concerns, please contact the church office at 580-332-6411 to let us know if you need help picking up groceries, medicines, etc.

4. We will need church members to volunteer to help and check on members affected. Contact the church office at 580-332-6411 if you can help.

5. Temporary changes effective immediately include:

--modifications to our communion service --individually pre-filled communion cups with wafers

--cancellation of all classes on Sunday and Wednesday

--asking members to refrain from handshakes, hugs, and other close personal contact

--cancellation or rescheduling of special events ie. 50+Lunches and the Easter egg hunt

As Christians, we do not live our lives in fear but rather trust God to use us to encourage people in difficult and challenging times. Please continue to pray for our church and those across the world affected by the Corona Virus. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Elders