We are a family of God that is working to spread the story of Jesus and help each other grow closer to God. We are not a perfect church, but we realize we serve a perfect God. We are a body striving to learn to love like Jesus loved, forgive like he forgave, and serve like he served. Loving God and loving others is our priority and inspiration for what we do.

Circumstances change, but God’s purpose does not. Our commitment is to stay true to our values and visions, and by them to thrive rather than just survive this season of our church’s history.

Our goal is to be …

Passion Driven

We believe every person bears the image of God uniquely and has a purpose in this world. At Central, we want to help you serve God by finding a purpose you are passionate about. In this way, we imitate our Savior, whose purpose led Him to the cross.

Forward Thinking

We believe the uncertain present will give way to a future that rests secure in God’s hands. At Central, we refuse to fear the future, and we choose to see obstacles as opportunities. In this way, we put our trust entirely in the Father rather than human wisdom.

Spirit Led

We believe that God has not abandoned us to be orphans in this world. At Central, we strive to accept the guidance, strength, and mystery of the work of the Spirit in our lives. In this way, we offer up our church as a temple in which the Holy Spirit may come to dwell.